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Extreme weather policy (HV)

Hockey Victoria extreme weather policy (applies for Summer Hockey competitions) is as follows:


Extreme Weather

Extreme weather may be defined as weather that threatens the immediate or long-term safety of individuals, because of rain, hail, lightening, wind chill or heat. The risk is determined in conjunction with Sport Medicine Australia’s Guidelines as well as the Bureau of Meteorology’s forecast conditions.


Weather condition                     Extreme weather determinant
Ambient temperature                               > 36° Celsius
Wet bulb globe temperature (shade)     > 30

(All data to be correct at “Melbourne Olympic Park”) located here

In the event of extreme weather being forecast the following process shall apply:
1.     Matches shall be cancelled if the forecast temperature will exceed the “Extreme Weather Determinant” on the above table, at the time of scheduled match.
2.     Any cancellation of a match or round of matches will be advised to all teams by notification of a news alert on the HV website by 11am on the day of the match.
It is the responsibility of each team and the rostered umpires to check the Hockey Victoria website for any “Extreme Weather Alert” at: http://www.hockeyvictoria.org.au/Competitions-Events/HV-Competitions/Summer-Competitions
3.     The “Extreme Temperature” will apply to all “day-time” matches only. It is not envisaged that the above excessive temperatures will be an issue for summer evening matches.