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Hockey Victoria Potential Restart Update

Hockey Victoria Potential Restart Update

During its Club and Association #3 Forum earlier this week, Hockey Victoria confirmed their plans for the remainder of the season.

Though chances look increasingly slim, pending restrictions and lockdown announcements HV advised they are hoping to restart the 2021 winter competition on Friday the 10th of September.

If we cannot restart on the 10th of September then sadly the season will be cancelled.


If there is a restart:


PL/PLR: Rounds 11&12 will start on the 11th of Sept, followed by a 3 week top 8 knockout final series. Grand Final to be played 3rd October. Note: There will be no relegation this year.

Pennant & Metro (masters and Midweek):  Rd 11,12,13 will restart 11th Sept. Round 13 fixture will be amended so that 1 vs 2 play in grand final. Normal promotion and relegation process in place.

Juniors: Round 9,10,11 will start 10th September. Round 11 will be fixtures so that 1 vs 2 play in a Grand Final. Note Round 11 U/14/16/18 will be played thursday 23rd September u/10/12 Friday 24th.

Reach out to your managers/coaches for any questions.


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