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International Womens Day

International Womens Day

Day #3 – 7 Days of the Women of MCC Hockey for IWD 2023.

Mary Noone
Mary is an MCC Hockey stalwart, playing more than 750 games for the club, and a Nunawading McKinnon Trophy winner. Mary was a foundation member of Vermont Nunawading hockey club who combined with McKinnon to become MCC Hockey Club.

For Mary, it’s the people who keep her involved with MCC Hockey and credits the welcoming and safe environment for encouraging equity “I have played with a wonderful collection of players and made many friendships over the years…. We make people welcome in a safe environment at MCC and are open to all age groups and genders.”

On her role models, Mary speaks about the role her Mother played when her family moved to Australia “Role model would be my mother. I have four brothers, the youngest was about 18 months when we came to live in Australia with no family and friends here. Mum had to work hard to help establish a future for the Family”.

As already noted, Mary is a Nunawading McKinnon Trophy winner, and Mary describes receiving this with her daughters (also MCC players, Leanne and Fiona Noone) as her proudest MCC Moment.

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International Womens Day