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Sign-up: MCC Hockey Social Summer 7s

Sign-up: MCC Hockey Social Summer 7s

BOOK YOUR SPOT HERE: https://www.trybooking.com/BFEUX

The long cold winter season is finally over.  You’re delighted.  Your hockey stick has been packed away, the exact location of which you’re not sure and don’t care.  “See you again in four months”, you think to yourself.  Time for a break.

Or maybe not…

Maybe, you’re already wondering how you’ll fill those empty weeknights; maybe you still want an excuse for a beer with mates; maybe you need a way to keep those off-season kilos away; maybe you quite like the idea of evening hockey in actual warmth and daylight… maybe you just love this game and can’t get enough.

If so, then worry not, because MCC Summer 7s is coming!


Tuesday nights from the 15th October, running for 8 weeks (excluding Melbourne Cup Day).


Social mixed summer hockey league, with special rules to provide a fun and accessible game for all.  Mixed squads of up to 10 will compete with 5-7 players on at any time.  We hope to have the BBQ firing and kiosk till pinging.


Whole of the club – men, women, masters, older juniors – and a great way to introduce newcomers and friends to the game.


Register via Trybooking – https://www.trybooking.com/BFEUX


$100 which is paid when registering via Trybooking

Some of the exciting changes for Summer 7s include:
  • no short corners; no goal keepers.
  • goals may be scored from anywhere on the field by any player.
  • Sideboards!
  • No hitting (including tomahawks) or lifted shots/passes; only pushing.
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