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VALE: Wally Horton

VALE: Wally Horton

It is with sadness that we share the passing of Wally Horton, a club stalwart who was a passionate player, supporter, contributor and spectator of all things MCC Hockey.

Wally was a great mate to many, always up for a beer and a chat with a genuine interest for the goings on of others.  As with so many of our club mates, MCC Hockey was a family affair for Wally and – together with his wife, Lyn, and sons, Lance and Garth, also MCC Hockey players – the Hortons made such a positive impact on our Section. Our Club is better for the contribution made by Wally and the Horton family.

Wally will be missed by many and our deepest condolences are with to Lyn, Lance, Garth and their extended families.

RIP Wally.

Wally Horton – in goal – charges down a shortcorner during a game on the famous MCG turf

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