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The Michelle Flouch Cup

The Michelle Flouch Cup is awarded to the winning side when Doncaster and MCC Hockey women’s top division teams meet for the first time each season.

The Cup is named in honour of Michelle ‘Flouchy’ Flouch, who was an Exceptional Goalkeeper, Inspirational Coach, Mentor, Manager and passionate Teammate.  Flouchy was an unstoppable force both on and off the field who contributed on many levels across the hockey community.  Michelle lost her battle with cancer in May 2020.

Michelle Flouch began her playing career at Doncaster Hockey Club as a junior, which culminated in playing 6 years as the clubs Womens top grade Goal Keeper.  Michelle was integral in helping Doncaster win their first ever Womens League One Premiership in 1988, where the match against Camberwell was decided on penalty strokes.  Michelle saved four of the four strokes she faced.  The Club went on to become back-to-back premiers in 1989.

Michelle moved to MCC for the 1991 season and her impact upon MCC Hockey was immediate both on and off the field. Perhaps her most outstanding performance (earning her Player of the Match honours) was in the 1993 WSL1 Grand Final against Waverley, which went to extra time and ultimately strokes. Flouchy saved three, with one going wide and only one converted. From up in the stands it was impossible to see how Waverley was going to score against her. The grin on the face, the slight swagger as she walked to position… then save after save! It almost made you feel sorry for the stroke takers. Almost!

She remained at MCC in roles as coach, Team Manager and mentor.

Throughout her career, Michelle’s exceptional goal keeping coaching skills, influenced the development of many goalkeepers from both Doncaster and MCC Hockey, as well as the countless number of goalkeepers throughout Victoria at Junior, State and National Levels.

Michelle represented Victoria at junior and senior state levels and was also part of the Australian National Squad, and reserve GK for 1988 Seoul Olympics.









Michelle Flouch – 1966-2020

CLUB HISTORY – Doncaster

Played junior hockey with the Doncaster Hockey Club-started 1981

Played senior hockey with the Doncaster Hockey Club up to 1990

Victorian Division 1 premiership 1988 & 1989

Victorian Division 1 runners-up 1990



Played senior hockey with the MCC Hockey Club from 1991 – 2019

Victorian Division 1 premiership 1992 & 1993 1993 Player of match

Victorian Division 1 runners-up 1995

Played 163 games as Division 1 Goalkeeper (1991 – 2000)

Played 188 total senior matches (1991 – 2019)

Coached 1 division 1997 – 2000

Team Manager 2014-2019

MCC Junior Coach

MCC GK Coach



Represented Victoria at Under age and Senior level

U17 – 1982 & 1983

U21 – 1983, 1985, 1986, 1987

Snr – 1985 – 1996

Snr Indoor – 1987

State team selector for state teams at both senior and underage levels

Coached goalkeepers from 2001 at all levels and across Women and Men



VIS squad member 1990 – 1996

Goalkeeping Coach 2001 – 2019

GK coached by Michelle who went on to represent Australia at Senior/U21 level

Rachel Imison, Rachael Lynch, Ashlee Wells, George Bazley, Kym Vanderhart, Irene Horvath



U21 Australian National Squad

Australian National Development Squad

Senior – reserve GK for 1988 Olympics