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Introducing our newest sponsor: The Railway Hotel Windsor

Introducing our newest sponsor: The Railway Hotel Windsor

We are delighted to be announcing publicly our latest sponsor: The Railway Hotel in Windsor.

General Manager Peter McCormack and Venue Manager Rommer Bernarte first met with the Hockey Section back in March, having responded enthusiastically to a request to discuss potential sponsorship from PL player Jonno Bretherton.

The meeting went well (obviously), and there were a few things that became clear early on:

  1. here was a great family friendly venue that would be perfect for a sports club such as MCC Hockey with its diverse member base of all ages: offering great food as well as just drinks, and function space and services allowing us to go way beyond what we can offer at the MHS pavilion.
  2. here was a venue that fits perfectly for MCC Hockey in 2021, being located almost exactly in between our two grounds at Elwood and Melbourne High School, making it a great post-game destination no matter where our teams are playing.
  3. here was a venue that had plenty of other value-add on top, allowing us to keep our kiosk more efficiently stocked than ever before (given they also run a bottle shop with delivery).

And so we were delighted when Peter came back to us asking to come on board as a Gold Sponsor for 2021.

Since then, we’ve been able to formalise the relationship with a handshake (those are back!) and an MCC Hockey beanie presentation through Peter and MCC Hockey Chair Craig Gration.  We’ve also already held a number of team nights at The Railway, accommodated fantastically by Rom.

For the rest of the year, we will be hosting a number of functions at The Railway, and our members can also enjoy significant discounts on F&B on both Wednesday and Thursday nights.

Don’t take our word for all of this though – go try it out yourself.  They even make their own pasta!

Learn more about The Railway Windsor here.






Peter, Craig and Jonno Bretherton, first contact

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