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Policies & Procedures & other resources

MCC Hockey Section Codes of Behaviour

MCC Hockey Section Diversity & Inclusion Policy

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MCC Hockey Section Volunteer Policy

MCC Hockey Section Social Media Policy

MCC Hockey Section Alcohol Management Policy

MCC Hockey Section Smoke Free Policy

MCC Hockey Section Safe Transport Policy

MCC Privacy Policy

New Player Application Form

Resignation from MCC Hockey (pro-forma)

MCC Hockey Strategy 2016-2025

MCC Hockey Organisational Structure

MCC Hockey Constitution and Rules

MCC Hockey Mens Selection Policy

MCC Hockey Juniors Selection Policy



Child Safety: 

MCC Hockey Section is committed to being a safe and welcoming club for young people and children.

The Hockey Australia Safe Hockey Policies & Procedures are our rules, expectations and obligations around safeguarding children and young people. They are divided into 5 chapters:

  1. Safe Leadership 
  2. Safe People 
  3. Safe Behaviours 
  4. Safe Environments 
  5. Safe Responses 

Safe Hockey Resources 

Extreme Weather: 


Hockey Australia – Resources & Policies (including member protection policy)