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Registration Info

There are two parts to your successful registration.

1. MCC Hockey registration in Majestri.
– You will then be given a link to register with Hockey Victoria/Australia.

2. Hockey Victoria/Australia Individual Member Registration (does not apply for Hookin2Hockey) and fees (players). This registration also provides limited insurance cover.

– Non-playing/non-coaching social members need only register in Majestri.


HV registration

All players, team coaches, managers and HV umpires must be registered in the new HV system


  • Choose to REGISTER
  • Instructions here


NEW PLAYERS DO NOT START UNTIL YOU HAVE CONTACTED THE MCC HOCKEY SECRETARY TO ARRANGE TO APPLY TO JOIN THE CLUB – form here MCCHC Inc_New membership application form (senior_junior_social)_2020 update – AND FOR TRANSFERS see below and email Guy Peterson first.

For HV system issues contact admin@hockeyvictoria.org


For new players to MCC in 2020 you may require a transfer if you:

  • Have been registered with another Melbourne Metropolitan Club in the past five years;
  • Have been registered with a Victorian Regional Club in the past five years;
  • Have been registered with an interstate Club in Australia in the past five years

If you are not sure if you will require a transfer contact Club Secretary Guy Peterson


  • Ensure you are financial with your current or previous Club;
  • Contact the MCC Club Secretary;
  • MCC will request a transfer on your behalf from your previous Club;
  • MCC will inform you when your transfer has been approved;

Once your transfer has been approved, you may register for MCC in the HV and club Majestri systems (DO NOT register with MCC Hockey UNTIL your transfer has been completed)

For new players joining MCC from overseas you may be required to obtain a “No Objection Certificate” (NOC) from your Country’s National Hockey Association.
Please contact Club Secretary Guy Peterson to ascertain whether you will need to obtain a NOC.

New players to MCC must also become a member of the Hockey Section.
New Player Application Form – MCCHC Inc_New membership application form (senior_junior_social)_2020 update
Fill out, scan and email the signed form to Club Secretary Guy Peterson.

Melbourne Cricket Club Hockey Section Inc. – ABN 55 412 045 943 (MCC Hockey)
PO Box 605, South Yarra, Vic 3141


HV Individual Player Membership Fees

Association fees (for insurance, etc) payable in addition to your club membership

HV fees – Age @30/12/2020 (end this year)

Junior age 8 or younger $30.00
Junior age 9 or 10 $52.50
Youth age 11 to 18 $73.00
Adult ages 19+ $100.00