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Off-season club fundraising 2020 – THANK YOU!

Off-season club fundraising 2020 – THANK YOU!

Thanks to the members who participated in our off-season fundraising providing volunteers for 3 events in the 2XU Triathlon series!

Its fundraising other people’s money! (Remember you have been emailed instructions how to claim your thank you.)


Tammy a’B
Yan A
Jonathan A
Stephen A
Carolyn A
Isabelle B
Dane B
Jonathan B
Tegan B
Jai B
Kathryn C
Melinda C
Oliver C
Tony D
Matt D
Michelle D
Janet D
Sarah E
Bonnie E
Tammy F
Chloe G
Alison B
Sybilla G
Sarah H
Shevaun H
Graeme H
Cathy H
Bruce H
Cam J
Simone J
Brenton K
Jenny L
Oliver L
Brian L
Will L
Aaron L
Gary M
Damien M
Nick M
Kate M
Andy McD
Simon McK
Rachel McL
Giselle McN
Lucy M
Tess M
Venezia N
Brenton N
Fiona N
Mary N
Tom O’C
Liam O’D
Tony O’R
Mike P
Guy P
Eliza P
Bronwyn P
Bronwyn P
Tim R
Nick S
Mark S
Fi S
Janet D
Thomas S
Julie S
Alastair S
Tim S
Ben S
Oliver T
Zak T
Oliver T
Jos T
Janine W
Lachie W
Hayley W
Sam W
Tony W


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