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2020 Membership Fees Reset

2020 Membership Fees Reset

To all our members, parents & guardians,

Thank you for your patience as we have waited for Hockey Victoria’s updates on their finances and fee requirements for 2020. The year has been difficult for us all and the outlook for community sport in Victoria is still uncertain (see Australian Sports Foundation report which discusses the adverse COVID-19 related financial impacts on community sports here).

HV have now determined what team entry fees we as a club must pay for this year (we expect them to send out information on their own revised individual player registration fees this week).  As a result, the Committee has been able to consolidate and adjust our own finances such that we can now confirm a revised nominal membership fee amount across the section.

These new fee rates, as well as the credit/refund system, have been emailed to all members.  If you have not received this communication, please contact your respective Committee representative.

We have taken great care in determining these new rates and believe them to be extremely fair. If you were to take a moment to reflect on the amount of pitch time and coaching organised this year, we think you’d also agree it is great value.  Note that those who completed pre-season fundraising will still receive their $40 credit against these fees.

The club will still incur a deficit for the year, and so your contribution – regardless of playing time – is also representative of your membership and, we hope, continued engagement with the club.

Once again, thank you for your continued support of your club and hockey.  We still hope to have some on the ground activities for you all before the end of the year, though that may be at additional cost.


The Committee

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