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A historic year for MCC Hockey

A historic year for MCC Hockey

This is a historic year for The MCC Hockey Section.


Having been founded in 1961, 2021 marks our 60th anniversary – making us one of the oldest sporting sections of the famous Melbourne Cricket Club with which we share a name, and so much more.

As we approach our first Premier League home games of the season this Saturday, we will once again be honouring one of our founding members – Ian “Doc” McDonald – with an eponymous round in his name. This will be just our 2nd ever “Doc McDonald Round”, with the first held in 2019.

With Doc’s round imminent, we are delighted to be introducing a specially commissioned 60th anniversary badge to mark this proud landmark for the club.  There will be more to come throughout the year to celebrate this anniversary, so please watch this space. Every member, player, parent and supporter involved with us this season is now a part of a 60-year legacy. You are a Dee!

A huge thank you to Cordial Creative for putting this badge together. We love it.

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