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International Womens Day

International Womens Day

Day #7 – 7 Days of the Women of MCC Hockey for IWD 2023.

Saskia Paice

Saskia is one of our up and coming Junior goal keepers, and made the transition to playing some Women’s games in 2022.  She came to be involved in MCC Hockey through her family, with her Dad and Uncles having played with MCC for a long time, and as Saskia noted “It is hard to believe that they go back to the days when MCC played on grass”.

Echoing the theme this week, Saskia told us it’s the people who keep her involved with the club “I really like the culture and the community at MCC and I especially like my teamates and coaches”

Saskia looks to English Keeper Maddie Hinch as a role model “My inspiriation to keep becoming a better keeper is the English goalie Maddie Hinch, she never gave up and she was the best in the world.  She inspires me to keep getting better and to learn new things.”

Saskia’s proudest MCC moment came last year in “The 2022 Under 16 Grand Final.  We played so well for the whole season to enable us to get into and then win the Premiership.” Saskia held a clean sheet in the game, helping the team to come out on top in a tight match.

An on how women and girls participation can be encouraged, Saskia told us this can be supported “by continuing to acknowledge and encourage the hard work and skills that everyone has and that they bring to the world of hockey”.

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