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International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day

Day #1 – 7 Days of the Women of MCC Hockey for IWD 2023.

Alison Foenander.

Alison is the current MCC Hockey Section Chair, following several years serving on the Executive Committee as the Men’s Chair.  Alison can often be found watching MCC games, quietly willing our teams to towards a win.

On how she got involved with MCC Hockey Al says “my children (Josh, Jonno, Matt) joined MCCHS in 2003 and we (Alison and Phil) just became involved through the kids playing.  A bit of junior umpiring, a bit of coaching, junior team management and junior sub-committee helping out.  When the boys moved from Juniors into Seniors, I was asked if interested in chairing the men’s sub-committee so went from there”.

Alison’s commitment to the club is longstanding, driven by a desire to ensure the club is successful on and off the pitch “we are a decent club that offers sporting and social opportunities for all, regardless of which team you play with or regardless of whether you play or don’t… (I want to) to make MCC Hockey section a nice club to part of, to ensure that we are successful both on and off the pitch and that others want to be part of MCCHS”.

This IWD, Al notes the ways in which we are embracing equity in sport, and how we continue to embrace this in the future “ we have the same funding for either male or female teams (or mixed teams), we offer the same level of support, opportunity, programs regardless of gender (or age), ensuring that everyone is welcome and that we cater for everyone with our social events and competitions throughout the year”.

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International Women’s Day