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International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day

Day #2 – 7 Days of the Women of MCC Hockey for IWD 2023.

Georgie van der Vliet

Georgie is a key member of our Women’s Premier League Squad, after joining MCC Hockey Section in 2020.  Georgie started her hockey career playing Minkey Hockey in Albury, before representing Victoria in the U14 National Championships. Georgie played club hockey for a local team (Norths) coming through juniors and seniors as well as with the Albury/Wodonga Strikers in the Victorian State League. She tols us they would travel down to Melbourne on a mini bus each weekend which was much easier for her parents! Through this time she also coached junior teams at her school which she says was a lot of fun.

Georgie got involved with MCC Hockey a few years ago after her boss convinced her to play summer hockey (after a 9 year hiatus), on getting involved with MCC Hockey Georgie says “It wasn’t until I was working and one of my bosses read on my CV that I used to play hockey and got me down to summer social hockey with Melbourne High School. I played a couple of seasons with the women’s team which is where I met Caleb (my current coach) and after the 2020 COVID lockdowns he convinced me to come and train with MCC. I was on the verge of stopping hockey but am really grateful I didn’t because now I’m in my 3rd year at MCC playing Premiere League and loving it!”

Georgie notes that it’s the challenge of playing premier league and the team dynamic that keeps her involved in the club “The way that hockey is played now is much more dynamic than when I started as a junior and it’s exciting to feel like I am still learning new skills and structures. It’s also a unique opportunity to spend time with a variety of age groups that you wouldn’t otherwise which I think is really important. I enjoy seeing the younger girls grow in confidence, embarking on new university degrees etc and encouraging them to develop on and off the field.”

Asked about her role models and how we can embrace equity this IWD Georgie commented “I am not really one to have classic role models, but I would say that the people I admire are friends and female colleagues that I work with who approach their work with passion and quiet determination all whilst remaining kind and compassionate with the people they interact with. In particular, the women who manage to do this all whilst being mothers, I think are phenomenal!”

“By undoing pre-existing gender constructs and showing young girls that strength and determination are also female qualities. Also by celebrating women’s sport for the exciting and entertaining spectacle that it is! There is definitely an audience out there that want to celebrate women’s sport. When it comes to the professional level, that value needs to be demonstrated monetarily so that professional female athletes also have the opportunity to develop to their full potential like the men.”

Wrapping up, Georgie shared her proudest MCC Hockey moment:
“When we drew with Doncaster at their home ground for the Michelle Flouch Cup in 2021. I joined the club the year after the passing of Michelle Flouch but I could feel the impact she had had and was still having on our players. It was a tough stop – start season due to COVID lockdowns and Doncaster were performing at a higher level than us throughout the season. It was the last game we got to play that year so this was a particular special game and memory.”

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