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Member involvement 2020

Member involvement 2020

MCC Hockey is a volunteer organisation and without its members playing a role we could not survive. Our club is growing and there are many tasks that need to be done to support that growth. Many hands make light work so we encourage members and junior families to get actively involved in club organisation please.

One way is through our competition organising subcommittees. We have already had some put their hand up to help out (thanks!!) but we invite more people to get involved including so we have a mix from throughout the competitions.  A number of roles require no hockey knowledge and can be done without attending the club regularly (eg can be done via email and other means). We need help with roles and tasks covering such things as social events, communications, coaching, umpiring and administrative roles including Premier League ball kid, uniforms and fundraising coordinators.

Importantly we will also need managers for every team and contacts in each team to support social and other activities.

Competition and social & communications contacts are below – please get in touch to get on board.

All members/junior families are required to help out with club tasks during the season including kiosk rosters, BBQ rosters, umpiring rosters and ball kid duty. Subcommittees will organise rosters for these and we look forward to your commitment and support.

Clubs are only as good as their members and this year is going to be huge for our club. We need all our members and junior families to support club goals and strategies including to support fundraising and to attend social events when you can.


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